Consumer Unit Replacement

Why do i need a new consumer unit?


Consumer units  or fuse boards are essentially all there is to protect persons and property from the dangers of faulty electrical installation.

Loose electrical connections can lead to overheating and fires.

Lack of RCD protection  eg RCD's, RCCB's or RCBO's can lead to electrocution if there is a fault.

Additional Surge Protection eg Arc fault detection devices or AFDD's for all your electronics costs as little as a toaster and can potentially save thousands of pounds in replacement electronic devices.

Consumer units, fuse boards, distribution boards all come in different shapes and sizes and have been built to serve different versions of the BS7671 regulations over the years.

A dangerous fuseboard installation in Nottingham.

Replaced with new 18th edition Contactum RCBO board .



Do I need a new consumer unit as i am having a new circuit?

Any new circuit installed will have to conform to the latest regulations and not all types will  conform.

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Unsafe fuseboard found in Nottingham
Replacement consumer unit installed in Nottingham