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Cable terminations at enclosures

During an EICR the following checks will be made of the termination of cables at enclosures

Connections are soundly made and under no undue strain

Checks will be made of accessible cable termination.

No basic insulation of a conductor is visible outside of an enclosure

Checks on entry to enclosures that cable sheaths or other forms of mechanical protection of conductors is installed correctly.

Connections of live conductors adequately enclosed

Checks to ensure terminations are enclosed and inaccessible without the use of tools.

Adequately connected at points of entry to enclosures

These checks are concerned with the use of glands, grommets and other forms of cable protection at entry to enclosures

SWA incorrectly terminated

Incorrectly terminated SWA cable found on an EICR in Sherwood, Nottingham

Condition of accessories including socket outlets, switches and joint boxes

Checks that accessories are suitable and in an acceptable condition

Suitabilty of accessories for external influence

Here we will be looking at the durability and IP ratings of accessories considering environmental factors.

Adequacy of working space and access to equipment

These are important factors to consider when accessing switchgear, isolators and even appliance sockets.

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Single pole switching or protective devices in line conductors only

To check isolation of live conductor when switched off or circuit protective conductor breaks the circuit

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