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Final Circuits

During an EICR there will be visual inspections of the final circuits made on the installation

Checks will be made of the following items

Identification of conductors

The wiring will be checked for correct colour coding at terminations.

Cables correctly supported throughout their run

Cables will be checked for adequate support where accessible

Unsupported cables found during an EICR in NG11 

Condition of insulation of live parts

The wiring will be checked for damage at enclosures and accessories.

Thermal damage found to a socket during an EICR in Nottingham

Non sheathed cables protected by enclosure in conduit, ducting or trunking

Where non sheathed cables are used the cables are concealed adequately throughout their length.

The cable management, conduit or trunking used is checked for condition and suitability

Adequacy of cables for current carrying capacity with regard to the type and nature of the installation

Some factors will effect the current carrying capacity of cables, such as the concealment of cables in conduit or trunking, enclosed or buried in thermal insulation.

Coordination between conductors and overload protective devices

These checks are to ensure the fuse or circuit breaker is adequately sized to protect the cable from the effects of overloading.

Adequacy of protective devices

Current ratings and type of fault protection fitted will be checked for suitability

Presence and adequacy of circuit protective conductors

There will be checks made that cpcs are connected at all 3 pin socket outlets and any class 1 light fittings or metallic light switches

Wiring system is appropriate for the type and nature of the installation and external influences

Checks on the environment where cabling is situated, is there chance of mechanical damage to the insulation or is PVC cable not protected from exposure to UV from sunlight

Concealed cables installalled in prescribed zones

There are rules which dictate where concealed cables can  and cant be ran.

This check is not normally possible to do on an EICR as cables are not normally accessible to inspect and so tends to be coded with L for Limitations

Cables concealed under floors, above ceilings or in walls/ partitions

This also tends to be coded L as is not usually accessible during the inspection and testing

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