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Requirements for Distribution Boards and Consumer Units

During an EICR there will be visual inspections of the consumer unit/ distribution boards

Checks will be made of the following items

Adequacy of working space and accessibility to the distribution board

The position of the consumer unit is to be accessible for use and allow access for maintenance.

Security of fixing

A check of the security of the distribution board fixings will be made

Condition of enclosures in terms of IP ratings

The distribution board will be checked for level of ingress protection.

Condition of enclosures in terms of fire rating

The distribution board will be inspected and assessed for potential risk of fire

Enclosure not damaged or deteriorated so as to impair safety

The distribution board will be checked for any damage that could cause a hazard

Presence of main linked switch

It is required that there is a point of isolation at the distribution board that breaks all live conductors

Operation of main switch

The functionality of the main isolator will be checked for correct operation

Manual operation of circuit breakers, RCD, RCBO and AFDD devices 

There will be functional checks made of all circuit protective devices

Correct identification of circuit details and protective devices

Circuits will be checked that they correspond to labelling on the distribution board

Presence of RCD six monthly test notice at or near consumer unit/ distribution board where required

It is a requirement that the user of the distribution equipment is reminded to press the manual test button every six months to check it is fully operational.

Presence of alternative supply warning notice at or near the consumer unit/ distribution board

If more than one electrical supply is present it is a requirement that a warning notice posted where it can be clearly seen

Presence of other required labelling

Other notices required as set out in BS7671 2018

Compatability of protective devices, correct rating of protective devices and switchgear

Protective devices and switchgear will all be checked for suitability with regard to current ratings, utilisation category and compatibilty of equipment.

Single pole switching or protective devices in line conductors only

Where single pole devices it is required for safety that the line conductor only is switched

Protection against mechanical damage where cables enter consumer units

Consumer units will be inspected for the presence of items providing required mechanical protection to cables such as grommets, grommet strip or stuffing clands

Protection against electromagnetic effects where cables enter consumer units

Where ferrous enclosures are used it is required to prevent eddy current flow that  all live conductors of a circuit pass through the same cable entry

RCDs provided for fault protection

Where high loop impedence situations exist such as in a TT system, RCD protection is required fo provide fault protection to the installation

RCDs provided for additional protection

RCDs are a requirement for all final circuits in a domestic electrical installation to BS7671 2018

Confirmation of indication that SPD is functional

Where an SPD is fitted its indication will be checked for healthy condition.

Confirmation that all conductor connections including busbars are tight and secure

All connections in the consumer unit will be torque checked for correct tightness and security

Adequate arrangements where a generator set operates as an alternative to the public supply

Checks will be made for comple isolation of the public supply and the safety requirements are met when running form an alternative supply generator set.

Adequate arrangements where a generator set runs in parallel with the public supply

Checks will be made of circuit protection devices used where the generator set integrates with the public supply

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