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Fire and Gas Detection

What types of fire detection are available?

The different types of fire detectors that are commonly available are heat detectors, optical smoke detectors and ionisation smoke detectors. We also encourage the use of Carbon Monoxide Detectors which can be integrated into the same system.

What type of smoke alarm is best for which location?

Heat alarms are best used in places such as in the kitchen, garage or other places where combustion takes place. A good combination detector would detect both heat and carbon monoxide.

Optical smoke alarms are best for installing in bedrooms and living areas where there are soft furnishings. It is recommended these are use near a kitchen such as a hall or dining room as this type of optical smoke detector is less likely to be set off by cooking fumes.

Ionisation alarms are quick to react at the first sign of smoke and so are best in places away from the kitchen. The landing would normally be an ideal place to install an ionisation smoke alarm.

Do I need to have Fire Detection installed?

If you want to protect yourself, your loved ones, your home and possessions then the answer is YES

Are Smoke alarms expensive to install?

Modern hard wired smoke alarms have much cheaper installation costs when multiple hard wired alarms are installed as much less wiring is required when using radio link integration.

At Niman Electrical we can tailor a smoke alarm solution to suit your home, office and budget

How long do smoke alarms last?

Smoke alarms normally have a lifespan of 10 years, although the battery ones will need frequent battery changes.

Im a landlord, what smoke alarms do I need to comply with the law.

Please visit the uk government website for guidance.

How can I get smoke alarms fitted to my property in Nottingham?

Contact us at Niman Electrical,

we are always happy to help.

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