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Electrical Repairs

Electrical installations that are in poor condition pose a serious danger to the lives of many people and can go unnoticed and ignored.

Do circuit breakers trip for no reason?

This cant be ignored, it could be faulty wiring, It will not be for no reason.

Do you have a socket not working?

This also can be serious, the circuit could have loose connections and wiring could  be overloaded. 











Thermal damage found to an overloaded socket in Nottingham

Does your light flicker or light switch buzz?

Do sockets feel hot to touch although you have nothing plugged in?

Loose wiring can cause fires.

Electrical faults cannot be left.

An EICR report could put your mind at rest.

An EICR report will identify the faults in your wiring.

For all Electrical fault finding, repairs and replacements in Nottingham

Contact us at Niman Electrical,

we are always happy to help.

Overloaded socket found in Nottingham
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