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Earthing and Bonding

What is Earthing and Bonding ?

Earthing and bonding are two different types of fault protection.

Earthing is where the exposed conductive parts of the installation are connected to the main earthing terminal situated normally at the mains supply. 

Bonding is where exposed conductive parts are connected to prevent hazardous voltages to touch, such as hot and cold water pipes.

Why do I need Earthing and Bonding ?

The connection to earth is a safe route for the fault current to flow significantly reducing the risk of electric shock

What can happen if my Earthing and Bonding connection is missing or broken?

There is a highly  increased risk of conductive parts of appliances becoming live and causing electric shock.​

Circuit breakers will fail to trip when there is a fault.

How can I tell if my Earthing and Bonding is compliant ?

An EICR condition report would identify any earthing defects in an installation.

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