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Our Approach

Before we can work on your electrical installation a number of safety checks will need to be carried out.

This is to determine that your electrical installation is safe to work on and up to the standards set out by bs7671.

We will need to look at your electricity supply. 

An unsatisfactory connection to the supply found in Nottinghamshire

An unsatisfactory connection to the supply found in Nottinghamshire, Meter tails should be double insulated and correctly colour coded. The SWA cable terminations had no strain relief  in place as no cable gland was used. The seals were found missing at the meter and cutout.

We will need to check your protective bonding

This is normally the connection to your gas and water supply.

Bonding to Gas supply in Nottingham

Gas supply found sufficiently bonded in Nottingham

We will need to look at your consumer unit and check it is compliant and adequate for the installation.

An older compliant Crabtree Strarbreaker consumer unit with no signs of thermal damage or degradation in Nottingham

We will then test the circuits to be worked upon and this will involve isolating circuits during the process so there may be times when electricity will be off.

There may be faults encountered with the supply and at this point we will consult with you to find the best solution.

When carrying out the electrical work we may have to move furniture, lift up carpets and floor boards.

We may be required to cut holes in ceilings and drill holes through walls to feed cables or ducts through.

Feeding a cable through the ceiling to install a new ceiling light in Nottingham

Once the work is completed the correct certification will be provided for the work.

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