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Energy saving tips for your home

How to save the planet and your pocket with these helpful tips.

Check your appliances, are they left switched on but not in use?

Turn off instead of standby mode for substantial energy savings.

Maybe the DVD player is still on, when did you last use it? If you knew how much energy you'd wasted you will switch it off right now.

Do your appliances work efficiently?

Is your fridge freezer empty or over full?

Do the doors seal correctly on the fridge or freezer?

Is there sufficient air flow at the back of the fridge freezer, is the radiator free from dust?

Does the oven take longer to cook than it should?

Are the seals on the oven door functioning correctly?

Does the oven surfaces need to be cleaned more thoroughly?

Does this really need to be left plugged in?

Chargers still switched on when items fully charged, 

Try plugging the TV DVD Games console in the same extension and switching off at the wall.

If your not using it why does it need to be switched on?

How we cook can save energy too

Cooking with a gas oven is far more efficient than a conventional electric oven. Or you can save energy with microwave or microwave combination ovens.

Slow cookers are an extremely energy efficient method of cooking.

Pressure cookers can reduce your cooking times and reduce costs significantly.

You can use a steamer to cook vegetables together and make reductions in energy use.

Consider more one pan dishes and save the dishwasher going on as well!

Do you have food left over ? extra food can take extra energy to cook.

and wait till its cooled down before you put it in the fridge.

Are your laundry costs high

Is the washing machine only half full?

Effective results can be achieved at washing temperatures as low as 20 degrees

Hang out the washing on a nice day to make massive savings.

Use less water in the  kettle

just boil the amount of cups you need.

or consider a 1 cup hot water dispenser.

You could even fill a thermos flask or teapot .

Maybe your taking too long in the shower?

There are more energy efficient shower heads.

Or consider air powered showers for up to 60% less water and energy usage.

Try cutting down the amount of time in the shower and even turn the thermostat down slightly you will barely notice the difference.

You could invest in a water saving shower timer

Lighting is often left on at night, consider sensors that can automatically turn your landing and bathroom lights on dim and off again at night time, small investments can reap significant savings over years to come.

Energy saving LED bulbs, how much can you save?

Although the initial outlay for LED bulbs is higher the lifespan and low energy use save significant running costs.

If you change to LED you could potentially save over £150.00 with each LED bulb purchased as a replacement.

Try turning out the lights and letting in more natural light.

Additional lighting close up such as table lamps use less power and deliver light closer where it is needed.

Heating controls can significantly reduce your heating costs.

Turn the thermostat down slightly you may not notice the difference.

Room thermostats can be incorporated into smart heating controls for the ultimate in energy saving.

Or just simply switch off and wear a jumper perhaps.

Consider cheaper alternatives for heating the space your in and not the whole house with small infrared panel heaters easily installed and controlled.

Radiator valves can control the heat just where you may need it and you can control your heating from your smart phone or tablet

Airflow is important in your property but can be a significant cause of lost energy.

Do the doors seal correctly, draught seal can be added to prevent this easily.

Following these free energy saving tips could save you hundreds of pounds.

Contact us at Niman Electrical,

we are always happy to help.

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