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EV Charger Installation

Podpoint certified installer in Nottingham

Most electric vehicles can be charged through a 13a socket but for faster charging times a dedicated EV  charger will need to be installed.

Zappi EV Charger

Zappi Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Having a smart electric vehicle charging point is recommended as the safest method of domestic  electric vehicle charging.  With the capability of communicating with your electric vehicle chargers can protect you and your vehicle from electrical charging faults if they are to occur.

EV charger installation in Nottingham

Zappi EV charger installation in Basford, Nottingham

Most electric vehicle chargers have the capability of adjusting the amount of charge provided to protect the domestic property from any overloads on the supply and to take advantage of lower energy tariffs available.

Podpoint EV Charger

Podpoint EV Charger installed in Calverton

Not all electrical installations conform to the required standards for electric vehicle chargers and additional circuit protection may need to be installed.

Fusebox RCBO consumer unit installed in Mapperley

How much faster would an electric vehicle charger be than using a standard 13a plug?

A 7kW electric vehicle charger installed would provide a charge of up to around 30 miles of range per hour which is more than double the charge provided by a standard 3 pin plug. 

Location is an important consideration to make when choosing to install an electric vehicle charger

An electric vehicle charger may alter the appearance of a property and so may be required out of view.​

The desired location of the parked electric vehicle on charge must also be considered when locating the position of the  ev charger as not to introduce any electrical hazards to the operator or the general public such as conductive metalwork within reach of the vehicle or the potential to trip over the electric vehicles charging cable when on charge.

A wifi connection will also be required and so the electric vehicle charge point installed within range of a good wifi signal is an important consideration.

Details of the wifi connection should be provided to the installer as they will be required by the electrician during commissioning of electric vehicle chargers.

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