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Outdoor Lighting and Power

What outdoor lighting and power solutions are available?

At Niman Electrical we have some great outdoor lighting ideas for your extended living space. From low cost highly practical simple outdoor power installations to fully controllable integrated smart outdoor lighting installations, we have it covered.

Decorative wall lighting not only enhance the look of your property but also offers the safety and convenience of lighting around your outdoor space.

Decking lighting can be installed for pleasant subdued lighting effects with dimmable controls for the perfect ambiance.

Maybe it is security lighting you need from simple PIR spotlight replacements for that old outdoor halogen flood light that no longer works to the  installation of motion sensor smart lighting that is fully controllable through your smart home hub at Niman Electrical,  we have it covered.

Is it safe to use electricity outside?

Maybe your not so sure about your outdoor garden wiring and need a professional opinion. Safety is essential with the increased risks outdoors.

for some good outside electrical safety advice

Electrics & Garden Safety | Electrical Safety First

Can I control my outdoor lighting through my smart home installation?

Yes, soon you can with our help, light up your outdoor electrical ideas.

Contact us at Niman Electrical,

we are always happy to help.

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